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Council votes to eliminate the Citywide Tunnel from consideration – The Connecting Palo Alto rail program continues to move full steam ahead on this year’s Grade Separation Council Priority. On May 13, Council voted to eliminate a citywide tunnel scenario from consideration. It was estimated between $2.5 and $3.8 billion. That move narrows our rail grade separation options to six alternatives, including two variations of a south Palo Alto tunnel from Oregon Expressway to Mountain View. The Community Advisory Panel (CAP) will be expanded and slightly reformatted to provide input to the City Manager as staff prepares materials for the Council to choose a preferred alternative by October. Time is of the essence as Caltrain electrification will be completed by 2022. This means that by 2025 there could be 20 trains per hour during peak times and that gates at rail intersections would be down 25% of the time during daily peak periods with traffic congestion doubling by 2030. (